Jan. 19th, 2012

trenchkamen: (Determination)
Had a good time at Anime LA this year, as usual. Worked in Prog Ops, so I was in the back most of the time. I've found that quite a few of the 16-year-old volunteers we had are staunch Deadmouse fans. Is this a thing now with the high school aged fans? Also, fans old enough to volunteer for us who don't remember when the original Pokemon came out. I remember when all American publishers called anime "Japanimation" and you got your fansubs by sending in a VHS with a SASE. And they seem enthralled when I tell them this. Oi.

I am blessed to have so many friends in LA I get to see each time I go out there. It's still a little mind-blowing.

Oh, and I now have a tumblr. It is (and will be) 100% image macros and stuff I find funny. So far it's categorized in discreet fandom blocks as you can track which blog archives I trolled through. Friend me.

Also don't know whether the fact that I was clearly *not* the only person to draw Harvey Dent parallels during The Reichenbach Fall should depress me or not. Because the internet beat me to this. But I thought it, which has some cosmic significance, right? Right?

I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Shit got way real way faster than I expected. Season 2, overall, was just as amazing as Season 1, even though my heart is a little broken at the end. Bloody BRILLIANT acting and writing. I'm eager to see how the writers are going to pull this little one off at the beginning of season 3. I bet you an internet dollar Molly is involved.

Let's revisit this again, because it's still so achingly relevant. And discuss.

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