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Per [ profile] shineko's request (she is also in trouble for sending me too much KMFDM music), it's time to spread some proposals for charity. [ profile] catiechu has a good idea here for how we could possibly raise some money for the less fortunate. It would be awesome if we could get it to work.

Also, in other news, inspired by something I just Got Done this afternoon, I have a ficlog now. It is [ profile] ms_asylum. Friend at will; anybody interested in becoming mutual friends, leave a message.

What inspired that was...

Finally. Freaking finally...

I have the re-write for the beginning of "A Perfect Circle" up. And by re-write I mean I completely scrapped the old beginning and started from scratch, and added a chapter-length prologue. If this is of interest to you, there is more information in the corresponding post in the ficlog about where things are standing and what still needs to be done.

Since that's done, I'll be able to concentrate on getting my wreck of a room re-organized and getting the in-state and UT Austin applications sent off today. FASFA, too. The UC (Berkley, LA, and San Diego) applications are still glaring at me. And maybe I'll finally read all of the stuff I've been wanting to read online.

Oh, homecoming was an orgiastic blast of bad music and good company. Fiddlesticks is run by douchebags who close fifteen minutes early and deny me my game of DDR.

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