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I'm in Amarillo, and Amarillo still sucks.

I'm remembering just how dead and depressing this town is. And, yikes, few other places on earth than West Texas host people who use "y'all" three times in one sentence without missing a beat. I've gotten a comfortable balance of West Texan friendliness and Southern Baptist disapproving glares at my attire. Today it's all black with the pentacle necklace and red sunglasses, and I think I look fetching in it.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to the Canyon High football game, where the marching band and therefore people I knew in seventh grade will be. One girl in particular and I had a bad... separation, I guess you could call it, or rather, the illusions she had built around me finally disappeared after I had been in Arizona for two years, and now she regards me as being a lowbrow, vulgar wretch instead of the prince on the white horse for whom she would surrender her freedom. The thing that aided her in this conclusion: my writing. And I think the resent that comes from me having broken her heart helps.

Yeah, it's a long story, and I was young and a dumbass.

I wish I had found a replacement camera charger so I could take y'all some pictures.

Ironically, yesterday while I was rooting through my cabinets looking for the charger I found my writing notebooks from sixth grade containing my original character and plot information. It was physical evidence of What I Spent My Time in West Texas Losing Myself In After the Onset of Some Semblance of Relative Maturity.

Hannibal is a really good book. Unlike Silence of the Lambs I couldn't eat while reading some scenes, so I esteem it more intense.
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Ironically, given the approach of Hurricane Rita, I will be going to Texas tomorrow. No, I'm not kidding. The Race for the Cure is Saturday in Amarillo, and as Mom is the area's presenting sponsor, it means a lot to her to have Rachel and me there every year. Amarillo won't get hit by the eye, but we are going to get hammered by weather nonetheless. I hope this means that I won't be grounded. If planes can't get through Dallas, which is where a good seventy-five percent of the planes going to Amarillo originate, we are in trouble. If I am unable to return as planned on Sunday, I will be calling those people who can probably guess who they are and telling them not to worry.

I thought Kaity ([ profile] keichisfuuma) was exaggerating when she said how big this hurricane is going to be, but after poking around on the internet, I realize she wasn't.

I'm lucky with this one; Corey ([ profile] zoe_sama) is not. Her family lives just outside Bryan/College Station, which is one of the places the hurricane is expected to directly hit. I am hoping that she is not hit too hard and that she and her family will be safe, along with everybody else living in Southeast Texas. I know that many of you, like me, are rather areligious (it's a word now), but at least send a nice thought her way. She's my mad scientist friend and I love her to death.

I'm going to be printing out my college applications tonight so I have something to work on in Amarillo, and I am going to scour my room one more time for my camera charger so I can photograph my sojourn. I want to finish the book I am currently reading so I can start Hannibal on the trip. Almost looks like I should pack for a slightly longer trip than anticipated. Maybe another book or two and extra (extra) batteries.

I'll see you cats on the flipside. I'll have internet access out in Texas, but it's a shared computer and on dial-up.

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