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Wisdom from the AP American government textbook:

"Political candidates, like people, are not the products of a virgin birth."

How deep.

That's almost up there with the AP history textbook's report of President whoever-it-was striding forcefully into the Oval Office, ramrod-erect, and yes that was the exact wording used in the textbook. And who could forget the blushing bride of Texas waiting to consummate the marriage with the Union?

Not only are social studies textbooks incredibly pretentious, but I am becoming progressively more convinced that they are written by very lonely people who get off by indirectly talking dirty to high school students.

I wish my math textbook was this much fun, but, alas, Ella Vader (Darth Vader's daughter--no, I am not kidding) and her perfect-parabola spaceship just can't compete with President Ramrod-Erect.
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What is it with blogger and spam lately? Whoever is responsible for this: I will hunt you down and kill your family. By strangling them with your intestines. And you'll be alive to watch.

This morning the government teacher, while trying to ask us what America would be like without an executive branch, asked "What would America be like without George W. Bush?" If I remember correctly my automatic response was a chorus of "Hallelujah", but I was really tired at the time.

The mail favored me today. My Phantom of the Opera photo book came in from ebay (so many original production photos; I touch myself), and Jasmine sent me a beautiful necklace with a Chinese character. I like the bar-clasp. Thank you so much! I feel completely spoiled.

Not much else to report. Supposedly the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago wants me, according to Fastwebs, I need to get my college applications in by October, and I still have zilch idea where I am going to go beyond being in an urban area somewhere in the United States. Undergrad I'm not so worried about so long as I enjoy the town, and I want the whole experience to be affordable. I guess I could finally actually get that A+ certification I most certainly did not get a year ago when I said I would do it and sustain a worthy college income that way, if I don't go to ASU and actually move out of the house. Given how very little of my family I have seen since I moved out here, I fear that if I move out next year I will be shorting them and myself precious time. The problem is that beyond my family, the Valley will hold almost nothing of relevance to me, since most of my friends are going elsewhere for college. It would almost be more bearable to start anew somewhere else than to nurse a hollow feeling in a place where people no longer are, when they used to be.

I wish I didn't think so much sometimes.

I'd better get back to writing before the Black Abyss of the Internet pulls me in. I've got two days left.
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Regarding the movie Red Eye, the viewing of which Whitney ([ profile] jawzdharken) chronicled in her weblog: go see it right now. Cillian Murphy. Dear god, that man has no right to be so hot. That in conjunction with the sorts of characters as which he is typecast puts him on a Johnny Depp level. And Whitney sent me the Year One comic of Dr. Crane's past. If I get to choose my research paper topic this year, I think I will do it on the evolution of the evil genius archetype in literature and film.

This weekend was rather eventful, all things considered. I went to Mill Avenue with Jessica ([ profile] shirogane07) and Christianne ([ profile] chrissykitty) Friday night, which was not exactly what I had been expecting to happen when Christianne promised me dinner, but I got to eat at Fatburger for the first time, and the Graffiti Shop was playing the Depeche Mode: One Night in Paris concert. Rachel was so drunk she puked in my car, and Kaity ([ profile] keiichisfuma) is my dark savior for sacrificing her Harkins cup for that event.

I was given what I originally thought was a cool government assignment, but soon figured out that it was not nearly as much fun as I thought it was going to be. We were supposed to walk around asking people to sign a petition to amend the Constitution with what is already, word-for-word, the Fifth Amendment, and catalogue their reactions. I wore my suit that day so I would look more official, which ended up being a super idea since it really did not help my cause when it came right down to it, and it was about 112*F. Kaity had to get some painting board at Home Depot, so while she was shopping for that I walked around the store getting rather boring reactions. Most people blew me off, one guy thought I was petitioning for leniency for terrorists, and that was about it. No yelling that I was a communist or anything. I feel cheated.

One of Kaity's boards ended up being far too big to fit into my trunk, so we had to lash it to the top of my car. The other board fit, but propped the lid open, so we had to use bungy-chords to hold the trunk closed. This was my first time driving with anything lashed to my car/sticking out of my trunk, but we got the items to Kaity's house intact.

Today I transferred a computer to Dad's office and set up what I could, but since he has some sort of a vague "data problem" on the old computer and no printer software, I have to finish the job later this week. I did all of my homework save for the write-up on the government project, which I am doing at this moment. Rachel wants a ride to go swimming somewhere, and I think in the span from Friday to Saturday I used almost a full tank of gas, which, given the Nissan's fuel economy and the price of gas, is remarkable.

The thing I did not do this weekend was scholarships. I tried to visit the college center after school on Friday, but it was already closed. I guess I have to make an appointment during class, or something.

The writing entry is due on Wednesday, and I have not even registered for the convention yet. I've come to far with that entry not to make the deadline.

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