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[ profile] xcerebraledemax is about to come pick me up because I'm too drugged up to drive. I'll have to show her my sexy track-marks IV scar and swollen cheeks when she gets here. Nothing turns the wife on like that. And she will be turned on, so help her God, because I've gotten nothing all week. My lower-right socket is giving me bloody fucking hell for some reason, though the other three sockets are doing pretty well. I'm assuming the former is the one that was impacted into a nerve and had to be broken in half with a chisel, and stuff.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kaiye. I shall shower you with sexiness.

[ profile] stabbityblkmage brought me a "sexy gift", or so Annie says. I wonder what it is.

Cousin Chris's birthday is also now, plus or minus a margin of error of one day, and I need to send him a gift. He's been having a rough time lately.
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Guys? That special water bottle you got me has gone 'missing', and I fear my father found it in my car.

Being kidnapped by penis-obsessed bandits and taken down to the ranch. And then we were called rug munchers. )

In all honesty, you guys completely made my night, and thank you for going through all that trouble just to drag my ass out of town and have some good, clean, eighteenth-birthday fun. I had a blast. I love all of you guys.


Oct. 13th, 2005 09:00 pm
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Whoa, the last twenty-four hours have been a trip, starting with Lecter-Cake from [ profile] white_manjushri. Tracye, I love you.

Given that [ profile] oats_n_honey (Pat) and I share the same birthday, he invited me to share his birthday party with him, and inherent madness ensued. Five hours blurred past in an orgiastic stupor of good conversation, good company, karaoke, and good food. I got thoroughly spoiled by multiple people, which I honestly was not expecting. I guess I thought seniors are too old to bring presents to parties, or something, but I've been proven wrong. I had an amazing time; it makes me realize that I need to hang out with my Saguaro friends more often. I'm going to miss them terribly come next year.

All of you guys, thank you. You made my night.

Since I was up until 3:30 AM playing StepMania last night (yes, I got the pad on a whim last night, the last straw being that my down arrow on my old pad completely gave out--and the new pad is sexxxxxx), I woke up rather late when Rachel barged into my room demanding that she buy me lunch right now. We went to the China Star and had a sisterly good time, and then I let her practice driving around a bit before her driving lesson later this afternoon.

At exactly 2:45 PM (the normal hour I get out of school), [ profile] chrissykitty called demanding that we hang out right now (,bitch). Since I have not seen her in a long time and she desired to do birthday-like things to me, I obliged and we ended up at Fantasia, the local magick emporium. Christianne is a practicing Wiccan, and given her fundamentalist household she has to purchase items on the sly.

The benefits of placebo magic. )

My birthday present from [ profile] chrisskitty was CLAMP no Kiseki volume IV, which, of course, was released two days ago because somebody at TokyoPop knew that Lauren Cook in Scottsdale, Arizona, was turning eighteen that week, and he or she was like: "Oh, we'd better release the set with the Seishirou piece about that time." It's an adorable piece, and it combines my eyeglasses fetish + my suit fetish + Seishirou in one piece of plastic. It rode with me in the car. He's just shorter than the Subaru piece. Whatever. It's all good.

I almost killed us because I did not realize that the turning lane was a traffic lane during rush hour.

I've got to do my five nights' worth of calculus, government, and that guitar paper now. But this is my own damn fault.

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