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A little bit of background in what exactly Physics IH is, in essence, is necessary for this story to make sense. It is one of those "honors classes" (the other at my school being honors world geography) marked for being an easy-as-hell 5.0 credit for those who want to hit the minimum GPA for an in-state scholarship. We get a lot of the kids smart enough to tie their shoes but still too dumb to know how to polish them. And even then, there's that other fourth of the class...

So, today we got our group labs back. The teacher subscribes to the "I'll check one lab, and if that lab isn't done perfectly, it is the entire group's fault for not making sure everybody is working together" method. I loathe it. The kid that she checked did not even answer some of the questions, and because of that, all of us got a 70%. I offered to let him copy my work during the lab, and he still did not fill it out.

I showed the teacher my lab, fully completed and correct, and she said that she was sorry, but she could not give me any points because we have to "work together". This translates to "Well, it's not my problem if some of your lab members are completely lazy and incompetent, and it's your responsibility to babysit them. That's how it is in the real world."

Exactly. She's trying to show us that if you want a job done right, do it yourself, and that you should not trust anybody.

I foresee a long year of babysitting and doing all of the work for the lab group. At least I got to choose my rocket group and am with responsible, intelligent adults, not high school students.
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All things considered, today went fairly smoothly. It honestly felt as though I had never left. That's the problem, though.

Begin bitching.

Last year sucked. Academics, personal life, everything sucked. I'm determined never to have a year like my junior year if anything whatsoever is within my control, and thus far, I'm not so sure if this is going to be as relaxing a year as I was hoping it would be. I worked my ass off in multiple areas last year, and while some areas have gotten worse, others have gotten better; I've always been willing to work this year, but...

Well, maybe I'm just saying this because I couldn't transfer to Humanities due to a schedule conflict, and now I'm in IV AP without having done the summer reading, all of which (along with a reading log) is due on Friday, and I'm kind of burned about that. Or maybe I'm PMSing.

It's not so much the work this week--I can handle a heavy workload easily, and I'm a fast reader and, if it comes right down to it, good at bullshit--as the prospect of maybe, maybe having another year like last year, which is something I dearly wanted to leave behind. And IV AP is going to be a prime suspect in causing that.

I also know I'm so burned about this reading assignment because the writing contest deadline is August 31, and I'm determined to place. I'm almost done, but I have to work out the ending somehow.

Now that I have that off my chest, I feel somewhat better.

Other than that, the first day back was great. I saw the Nerd Herd, whom I have missed dearly, and went out for lunch after school with the chica faction of the nerds. I'm glad to be back where I see everybody every day. I didn't see my Saguaro friends nearly enough over the summer, barring Eurotrip. My ID picture resembles a squirrel, and supposedly tomorrow we get to start actually using guitars in class. The parking permits keep getting smaller and smaller, I know I have some good teacher recommendations guaranteed when the need arises, and, oh yeah, I'm a senior. It doesn't feel right yet, but there is that scary concept.

I need to get back to reading. I've paced myself a fourth of the book a night, regardless of anything short of a death in the family or hospitalization, else I'll find myself completely swamped. I guess I could completely bullshit the SparkNotes, but I'm quite enjoying this book so far.

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