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To: Arizona State University
Re: You're dumb. Seriously.

My transcript says that I have been attending an Arizona high school the past four years. My home address is in Arizona. I pay taxes in the state of Arizona. My driver's license and vehicle are registered in Arizona. I'm pretty sure I'm a resident of the State of Arizona. I'm pretty sure I specifically said I was a resident for tuition purposes when you asked.

Why do you have me down as a non-resident?

You are not helping your case of why I should go there instead of UA if I stay in-state.


Coffee House was a pretty hardcore-wild time. [ profile] benyahamin makes a fetching Raoul de Chagney and [ profile] zychi is more or less my hero of the week. I don't know if I'll be going back at any later times this week.

Oh, yeah, to the MCs: Podium.

Seriously, I think I have the honor of knowing most of the best performers at the show--all the performers in the Nerd Herd were particularly kickass, singing or playing instruments or whatever. I missed all of act one save the final two acts, which means I missed some O'Boyle (sad, because he's so good on cello) and Troxler and a monologue I have heard performed at every other talent show ever.

I had wanted to get a jazz band together to play "Tank!" this year, but I had no idea it was already time for Coffee House until the day tryouts started. Such is what I get for dropping out of band. I'm out of the loop.

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