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University of Texas, Austin application: done.
Stanford application: done.

General applications: done.

Honors college applications can go on the backburner for a couple of weeks. I'm so done for right now.

I wrote my 'long' Stanford essay on Trigun. Freaking Trigun. And I wrote a short essay on synchronicity. I think I've hit new levels of nerddom.

I'm going to bed.
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To: Arizona State University
Re: You're dumb. Seriously.

My transcript says that I have been attending an Arizona high school the past four years. My home address is in Arizona. I pay taxes in the state of Arizona. My driver's license and vehicle are registered in Arizona. I'm pretty sure I'm a resident of the State of Arizona. I'm pretty sure I specifically said I was a resident for tuition purposes when you asked.

Why do you have me down as a non-resident?

You are not helping your case of why I should go there instead of UA if I stay in-state.


Coffee House was a pretty hardcore-wild time. [ profile] benyahamin makes a fetching Raoul de Chagney and [ profile] zychi is more or less my hero of the week. I don't know if I'll be going back at any later times this week.

Oh, yeah, to the MCs: Podium.

Seriously, I think I have the honor of knowing most of the best performers at the show--all the performers in the Nerd Herd were particularly kickass, singing or playing instruments or whatever. I missed all of act one save the final two acts, which means I missed some O'Boyle (sad, because he's so good on cello) and Troxler and a monologue I have heard performed at every other talent show ever.

I had wanted to get a jazz band together to play "Tank!" this year, but I had no idea it was already time for Coffee House until the day tryouts started. Such is what I get for dropping out of band. I'm out of the loop.
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Well, on a whim, I'm applying to Stanford now. Thankfully all of the UC schools are common app; it's three birds with one big, obnoxious stone.

Oddly none of the UC schools nor the University of Arizona accept recommendation letters. (And if they do and I missed it tell me NOW; I searched all over the websites.) I hope this does not hurt me; all of my junior year teachers promised dynamite letters, and after my SAT II Math IIC score I need a boost for the California schools. I know I'm set for Arizona and Texas.

December 1st, when the last application is postmarked / that last 'send' button has been pushed, I am going to embark upon an orgiastic whirl of hardcore partying. And I think everybody in my boat is with me on this. You know what I mean. Hardcore. Nerd Herd. Party.

As in we'll re-define 'hardcore'.

Oh the fun.

Nov. 7th, 2005 05:07 pm
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Fuck you, college applications. The FAFSA was especially annoying. What worries me is that it kept asking about the 2005-2006 school year, when I want to apply for 2006-2007. If I did that for nothing--

My guitar class's workbook is laughably bad. No less than half the songs are titled after books (with the suggestion to read that book by so-and-so), and judging by the songs of the books I have read, the songs just don't... make me think of the book. Seriously. Consider level-1 picking-out-notes nonsense titled "A Wrinkle in Time", or whatever, and while I will admit that book was surreal and the song could be considered ethereal--somewhat--it's not quite the same effect. I think they just ran out of song titles for the etudes.

And, there's some random song called "Sakura" with Japanese lyrics. I kid you not. This amused me greatly.

Philipi brought his video i-pod to calculus and has infected me with this urgent need to finally get an mp3 player. It's shiny and slick and pretty and it plays Family Guy and it's sooooo nice. My family has been promising me an i-pod since last Christmas (and the past birthday), so I should collect on that.

Because this is more interesting than telling UC Berkley why it wants me. )

Right. Back to work.
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Per [ profile] shineko's request (she is also in trouble for sending me too much KMFDM music), it's time to spread some proposals for charity. [ profile] catiechu has a good idea here for how we could possibly raise some money for the less fortunate. It would be awesome if we could get it to work.

Also, in other news, inspired by something I just Got Done this afternoon, I have a ficlog now. It is [ profile] ms_asylum. Friend at will; anybody interested in becoming mutual friends, leave a message.

What inspired that was...

Finally. Freaking finally...

I have the re-write for the beginning of "A Perfect Circle" up. And by re-write I mean I completely scrapped the old beginning and started from scratch, and added a chapter-length prologue. If this is of interest to you, there is more information in the corresponding post in the ficlog about where things are standing and what still needs to be done.

Since that's done, I'll be able to concentrate on getting my wreck of a room re-organized and getting the in-state and UT Austin applications sent off today. FASFA, too. The UC (Berkley, LA, and San Diego) applications are still glaring at me. And maybe I'll finally read all of the stuff I've been wanting to read online.

Oh, homecoming was an orgiastic blast of bad music and good company. Fiddlesticks is run by douchebags who close fifteen minutes early and deny me my game of DDR.
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And then there are those times when you have to wonder whether or not it would actually be wise to listen to your parents.

Medical school is not any pressing matter; I would just as happily go into biochemistry or molecular biophysics and pursue a PhD, and something tells me I would far more enjoy working in a lab environment than a hospital environment. I've gone through stages where I've considered psychiatry (and I mean working with true loons in the asylum, not prescribing medicine for ADD and pseudo-depression), but my parents are both vehemently against their daughters becoming physicians. They both are physicians themselves, and they say this not because medical school is difficult or demanding, but because of the direction the field of medicine has taken. They both say if they had it to do over, they'd never have gone to medical school. Their reactions are immediate and passionate when the subject is touched.

Besides, I've never known a physician's child who wanted to go to medical school.

Went to the college fair at the Phoenix Civic Center. As far as in-state is concerned, once again UA seemed far more attractive than ASU; a representative from their College of Science talked the place up and made some rather attractive offers, and threw out some numbers (research grants, etc) that far outrank ASU's. Honestly, I don't know if those numbers mean jack in the whole scheme of things, but my overall impression of UA versus ASU is in favor of UA, unless ASU starts making some very attractive pitches and talking their science program up a bit. The ASU representatives seemed rather tepid when I talked to them about their science program and asked about foreign exchange and the Asian languages. The guy from University of Pennsylvania had an awesome bow-tie that I swear was purchased at a costume shop under the 'nutty professor' section. Harvey Mudd sounded awesome but gods-fucking expensive.

I was at Ikea with my dad before that picking out a hanging wardrobe, since he's been on a crusade to get me to buy one, and he offered to pay for it. I had never been there before, and today was a big 15% off sale for their 20th birthday, with cake at the exit and everything. It was an absolute zoo. That place is huge, and their stuff is so cool. They even have restaurants and cafes, the former of which sells Swedish meatballs and other such things, and a kid's play-center. It's like Disneyland. I saw this amazing overhanging bed with a workspace beneath, sort of like a bunk-bed lacking a bottom bunk. Supposedly [ profile] keichisfuuma's aunt and sister were there too, but I did not see them. It would be easy to miss people in there.

Tomorrow sounds like it's going to rock hardcore. I'm not going to wear my gory costume to school. It would be a pain in the ass to manage with a backpack. I'll figure something else out.

Oh, [ profile] tricky_bastard's party was incredible, moreso because [ profile] benyahamin and three other guys made themselves into living Tetris pieces and sang the song and everything. And we watched Bruce Campbell movies. And [ profile] eagle8635 was a red mage. And it was awesome. Like whoa.
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The numbers say none of you can ever call me an insensitive/forgetful/jerk-off friend again. Ever. )

SATs went pretty well. Math didn't go as well as I had anticipated, and US History, which I ended up taking as my third, was a bad idea since I was asked several 'identity' questions on acts I just flat-out don't remember. I should have done literature instead, though I try to steer clear of the subjective subjects as much as possible on standardized tests. Chemistry was cake; 90 questions in 40 minutes, no problem. I owe Mr. Brandt a retroactive cupcake or something for being such a relentless slavedriver a good teacher.

I rented Hannibal and the first disc of season one of House, M.D. on the way home, the latter being because [ profile] keichisfuuma said Dr. House has all of my faults, amplified, and I must admit that I am curious as to what she means by that.

Past three hours went into photographing Mom's new products, since she (rightfully) doesn't want to spend upward of a thousand dollars to get them photographed professionally. My father drives me absolutely insane sometimes; by the end of the duration, I wanted to kill him. He's dictatorial and autocratic and he thinks he's right about everything, and that everybody else needs to have the most elementary things explained to him or her several times.

I hope to goodness I'm not his clone like my mother keeps saying I am, because I couldn't see how anybody could stand me if I was.

[ profile] xcerebraledemax just came over to get her coat, and we had torrid, passionate sex a good talk while I polished the dirt and grime from the rocket project out of my boots. This is making me realize that when college comes around, I will probably be going elsewhere from my close friends, and I do not like the idea of that. I've finally found friends I truly never want to lose; the idea of being hundreds of miles away, unable to just drive over and lay on somebody's floor and talk with L'arc~en~Ciel playing in the background, is melancholy. There's always the internet, but I like being able to talk to people, look into their eyes and be in the same room, read their body language and feel their mental states. The phone is the intermediary step between Real Life and t3h internets, but truth to be told, I hate the phone. I don't know why.

But every high school senior goes through this, and it is not the first or the last time I will go through an uprooting.
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So, another Law and Order marathon was on USA, which means that I was glued to the TV for three hours. Will Arnett (GOB from Arrested Development) was one of the guest villains on Special Victims Unit, which made me immensely happy because GOB is love. Both times I have seen Arnett on television he had been playing a relative slimebag, though this time he was truly despicable (if you've seen the "NAMBLA" episode of SVU, you know what I mean; he was the travel agent). The last episode was of the Criminal Intent persuasion, which I honestly thought was going to be nowhere near as interesting as SVU (for those of you who do not know, SVU is reserved for the really twisted crimes, crimes of a sexual nature or crimes against children; you get the serial killers and psychopaths as villains, whereas in the other seasons the criminals usually have a more down-to-earth motive), but tonight they aired the "Theory of Everything" episode, which was, for lack of a better word, pure cool. The other episode was the "dolls" episode of SVU, which was also cool.

The pilgrimage to the University of Arizona went well. Pat drove the party-van to Tucson so we could go as a Nerd Herd, as it were. UA is making a lot of attractive offers and putting on all the bells and whistles for in-state students. The vast majority of the lectures were mind-numbingly boring, but I did get needed information. The College of Humanities is incredibly proud of their creative writing program, which is ranked tenth in the nation or something like that, but since I am not going to major in creative writing (I can teach myself, thankyoumuch) this is not a determining factor. I would love to take some classes if I do go to UA, though. I know I at least want a minor or a part of a double major in Japanese language; the other major (of three if I go truly insane) is up for debate. I was thinking biochemistry or microbiology, but after watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit I always lean toward criminal psychology. Yes I know it's a delusion. All things considered, though, it sounds like UA is a pretty solid school. Problem: it's in Tucson.

In favor of the UA, they do have a Panda Express and two Dance Dance Revolution machines, which was bad for me since I had gotten a blister on the bottom of my foot playing DDR on Friday, and my addiction is such that I just can't say no even if it's not in my best interest to play three rounds on heavy. So, as of now that blister has gotten much worse, and the outside of my calf is sore since I was gimping around and landing badly on my ankle.

Rachel and her little friends went to Edgefest, and I'm about to go pick them up at Some Guy's house. Everybody Rachel knows lives by Saguaro. It’s rather convenient.
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Memething from [ profile] finmefiant and [ profile] tanuki_dono.

1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/film reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavour of jelly to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

Half-days are glorious. I went to Chipotle with the Nerd Herd, visited Lizzy in the hospital and watched some quality daytime television (today's topic: bisexual male gigolos confess their night jobs to their wives), picked Rachel and her friend up from the mall, and I am planning on spending the rest of the afternoon working out, doing homework, and researching stuff for college. And looking for community service. For college.

I should just scrap this and go to Saguaro Continuation College to take advantage of Jeff's money laundering scheme. I could get a degree in something-computer-related and give up on excelling. And stuff.

And junk.

I'm pretty sure that if I go in-state I'm going to the University of Arizona in Tucson, so that at least narrows something down. Maybe that would be the best option until I decide in which direction I want to go. It's a top-tier school, the best for the money, and two hours from home. I can hit up UCLA and whatnot for post-grad.

Maybe when I take Rachel to her dance lesson this evening I will stop by Goodwill to attain some new pants, finally.


Sep. 5th, 2005 11:17 pm
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To: Colleges, looking in to
CC: Scholarships, applying for
Re: Suck my nuts

Right here.

You suck hardcore and I had such better ways to waste Labor Day.
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What is it with blogger and spam lately? Whoever is responsible for this: I will hunt you down and kill your family. By strangling them with your intestines. And you'll be alive to watch.

This morning the government teacher, while trying to ask us what America would be like without an executive branch, asked "What would America be like without George W. Bush?" If I remember correctly my automatic response was a chorus of "Hallelujah", but I was really tired at the time.

The mail favored me today. My Phantom of the Opera photo book came in from ebay (so many original production photos; I touch myself), and Jasmine sent me a beautiful necklace with a Chinese character. I like the bar-clasp. Thank you so much! I feel completely spoiled.

Not much else to report. Supposedly the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago wants me, according to Fastwebs, I need to get my college applications in by October, and I still have zilch idea where I am going to go beyond being in an urban area somewhere in the United States. Undergrad I'm not so worried about so long as I enjoy the town, and I want the whole experience to be affordable. I guess I could finally actually get that A+ certification I most certainly did not get a year ago when I said I would do it and sustain a worthy college income that way, if I don't go to ASU and actually move out of the house. Given how very little of my family I have seen since I moved out here, I fear that if I move out next year I will be shorting them and myself precious time. The problem is that beyond my family, the Valley will hold almost nothing of relevance to me, since most of my friends are going elsewhere for college. It would almost be more bearable to start anew somewhere else than to nurse a hollow feeling in a place where people no longer are, when they used to be.

I wish I didn't think so much sometimes.

I'd better get back to writing before the Black Abyss of the Internet pulls me in. I've got two days left.

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