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Well, this was a long one.

Well, I have further ammunition in my case of Why I Hate My Sister's Boyfriend. )

Fake blood is a bitch. )

The cosplay, where I swear to god I saw Cillian Murphy's and David's lovechild and I was in a glass illusion of emotion )

T3h pictures )

There is something so very satisfying about walking into a gas station at 1 AM and having another customer look at you and say "Long night?"
I've got college applications and homework to do before Michael's ([ profile] tricky_bastard's) party. Damn this post took too long. I'm wondering if the blood on my suit is dry enough now to merit being worn in his nice house.
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As promised, here are preliminary pictures of Dead!Seishirou, as the costume stands now.

Yes, I know sakura do not have leaves. )

I do not think I will have the half-skull eyepiece ready by tomorrow. I tried it on this evening; it didn't stick worth shit with the spirit gum that came with the prosthetic, and it's far too large for my face. Supposedly I also need liquid latex and some other stuff the back of the box failed to mention. I have to cut almost along the bone-line just so it won't overlap my nose and lips. I will also be doing a fair amount of driving tomorrow evening ([ profile] voodoobob is along for the ride too now!), so I do not want to be half-blind anyway. If the piece will actually work out, I will thread a sprig of sakura into the socket to make it look like I've got vines coming out me eyes.

My goal by convention (next planned being AniZona, since even though Yaoi-Con starts tomorrow I'm not there) is to have the vine threaded with pure sakura, none of this green-leaf nonsense Michael's thought up, and to have a trenchcoat fixed up.

I finally burned all of my Utena and Escaflowne music onto my computer, and it is love. So much love. I'm feeling the tug back to my old fandoms, enough that I am starting an elite Utena community. It saddens me to see that fandom is dying, and the current Utena communities on livejournal suck. There are maybe a couple of icon contributions here and there, but Utena has so much more to offer than that. I would like to do the same thing with an Escaflowne community; all of the Esca communities are either dead or entire role-play. Has anybody seen my Escaflowne movie soundtrack, and does anybody know where I can download the entire Utena OST volume 3?

Now I need to actually do my homework, and stuff. And maybe eat some dinner. Hello, night.
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Hey, TAB:

Fine, I'll go to the cosplay on Friday with [ profile] zychi and myself, and he's much cooler than you guys anyway because he can play guitar and none of you can. And the Rofflecoptor won't miss your asses one bit when you're seeing Beck / at work / doing... whatever else.

No, not one bit.

Bring me one of those chocolate-covered frozen bananas from the state fair or I keel you, infidels my darque schoolboy Kamui [ profile] xcerebraledemax.

According to Kaity, she is just some bush to me. And she didn't want anybody else to read this conversation.

I am, to this day, angry at my computer for eating my Utena OST 3. That was the best Utena soundtrack, hands down. Somebody still has my DVDs where are they

Oh, yeah. Meme. )
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Spirit Halloween Store: Fake wounds of various horrific varieties (including skin ripped off half a skull), ghastly-pale face powder, and a helluva lot of fake blood, check.
Goodwill: Suit jacket and white shirt, check.
Michael's: Sakura garlands and free sprigs of sakura, check.

Already got everything else, including shoe polish; maybe I can make my Hardcore Boots (from Hot Topic!) presentable and somewhat dressy. They give me an extra three inches.

So, two more evenings and counting until the Atomic Comics to-do. I wonder how well Monster drinks mesh with Vicodin.

But now I have to crack down on, you know, all of that work I actually need to do for, you know, school, and stuff. At least I've got some financial padding from my summer job and don't need to worry about getting another job until this semester is over. If then, because I know I'm lazy and won't stir my ass until it's absolutely necessary. Once college applications are taken care of, life will be sweeter.
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So, I realized that I never posted my Anime Expo pictures. Three months is never too late, is it...

Friday, Various Cosplay Day. )

Saturday (Tokyo Babylon morning, ballroom dance night). )

Sunday (X-day). )

Monday (Random Pseudo-J-Rock Inspired Day). )

Tuesday (the voyage back to Arizona). )
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So, apparently, costume contacts only come in one size.

Good: No optometrist.
Bad: I have pointy eyeballs.

Good or bad? Only time will tell. When I actually get around to ordering them.

I'm almost done with "Sandman". Last scene.

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