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To: Batman Begins fandom, Crane!Sluts in particular
CC: Yaoi fandom in general, take note please
Subject: Death threat

If I ever again find a story where Jonathan Crane and/or Bruce Wayne begs for it, namely, in the manner of "OH PLEASE OH PLEASE FUCK ME NOW" etc, I will find out where you sleep and crush your forehead clear through your skull. Much damage won't be done to the contents inside, such as they are, but you'll bleed out all over your pillow.

This is especially if they met five minutes ago and already ended up in Brucy's bedroom / a cell in Arkham / a back alley, whatever, without explaining why the hell they want to fuck in the first place.

You have been warned. Cut the crap.
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So, today was a day of grand fun with Lauren and Tara, who I had not seen since Anime Expo. We saw Red Eye (Cillian Murphy, again!), hung around Fiddlesticks and my house, and went to Pei Wei; all-in-all, a good day. Supposedly Annie and I got married and divorced no less than five times. It sucked that Kaity was at work all day, since she did not get to hang out with us as much, but such were the circumstances.

So, within the next two days, working around Chelsea's party, I've got mucho worko to get done. Ergo, somebody tell me why I am still awake at 3 AM wasting my time on this.

Here's that 12-person meme that keeps floating around everywhere. )

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