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Title: Sky's the Limit
Author:trenchkamen (via ms_asylum fic-journal)
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Rating: This chapter PG, eventually NC-17
Spoilers: Persona 4 (anime and game)
Pairings: Naoto/Kanji, Chie/Yukiko, Rise/Yu (Souji)
Genre: Post-game, character study, romance
Words: 10,964
Summary: Philemon says it is possible for anybody to unlock the Wild Card ability, and draw multiple Personae from the collective unconscious. It will be integral to an impending challenge. But it is easier for some than others, and to unlock that ability, the user must strip her ego and immerse in the psyche of people utterly unlike herself.
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So, this meme is from [ profile] ryutsuki and [ profile] meyrevived, and upon reading it, I remembered that oh yeah I do that writing thing too, don't I?

Pick a fanfic of mine, any fanfic, and I will tell you possibly interesting or possibly interesting only to me things about what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it.


Comment here with the weirdest pairing you can think of (from any fandom you know I'm familiar with). I will then write a drabble of it for you.

And the website project is so close to being done I can taste it. I've spent the past two days tightening up the final screws before the domain move on Monday. Then I finally get paid!

Senior Stadium Painting was this morning at some gadawful hour, pictures of which I acquired because lately I've been OCD with my camera insofar as chronicling everything is concerned. After picking Mom up from her meeting and we had stopped by Michael's at Pavilions, we made a 'product research' pilgrimage to Bath and Body Works, where they freaking finally have a sakura-flavored candle to match their sakura products. God damn it smells good.

And, oh, yeah, I saw Red Eye again with Christianne and her mommy. Getting picked up from my house is weird. It has not happened since last October when that stoned-out asshole the non-descript white Subaru ass-rammed my car and Annie had to give me rides and stuff.

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