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Hey, uh, BC Calculus class:

Who's got two thumbs and just finished five and a half assignments? This guy.

I will allow copying for sexual favors. At least tomorrow will only suck for one-and-a-half assignments, not the usual seven or so.

Harvey Mudd seems like a great college, if I don't want to have a life for the next four years. I went to the meeting because I did not want to go to physics. At least the in-state applications don't require, you know, real essays. I really should get started on the out-of-state applications, now shouldn't I...

I have this unyielding need to watch Batman Begins again. But I also have this unyielding need to write.

Oh, on that note, we saw The Bat-Man last night walking around Old-Town Scottsdale. I wish he had hung out with us. He reminded me that I need to make the Scarecrow costume, sometime. And then we went to Olive Garden. And it was good. And OMFG [ profile] jawzdharken your costume was incredible OMG. [ profile] kaiye isn't a real Sith because she wears flowered socks under her robes. Too bad her light-saber is just too freaking awesome for words.

I got hand-cuffed to a Chii at school. And Sterling and Alex are my Heroes of the Week.

I burned a Super-Hardcore Happy Halloween CD last night. This would be the track list:
Super Happy Fun-Time... Fun. )

As of late I've been distant and cold, most of all to myself. All for stupid reasons. But we've all got our vices. Why is the 'cold' emoticon crying? I do not cry when I'm feeling distant and cold. Crying is emotional.

If I were smart, I'd go to bed right now.
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God I feel so much better today. I only had to take two lie-downs today, but as of this typing I've got energy and my vision is clear and I'm ready to rule the night again. I'll be going in to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up, just to make sure things are healing properly and to have my stitches taken out. I'm eating solid food. Dad picked up Chinese for me on his way home from work.

I hate being an invalid. I hate feeling weak and having people have to run my errands for me. I've got pride a mile wide and every other cliché description for "a pretty big amount".

I'll be back in school tomorrow. It sounds like I did not miss too much today, anyway. I'm almost having fun doing my lit analysis and calculus because I can concentrate without feeling sick. It makes me realize what people who have serious illnesses have to battle every day just to achieve what healthy people take for granted. Those people--the ones who don't allow illness to get in the way of their lives--are worthy of all the respect in the world.

I've been having odd, vivid dreams involving random people from livejournal and, in one case, my Spanish teacher and the Women's Choir.

I talked to Cousin Chris about my Halloween costume today a bit. His original idea involved an LCD screen and a video camera; it’s a nice idea but a bit involved. Sounds like tacky-ass Halloween makeup and props are the way to go. I just need to get back down to Spirit.
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Will I base my decision on the results to this? No, but I must admit that I am most curious. If you do not know what I look like, this is what I look like.

The Halloween Costume Poll )

I still keep falling asleep all the time, and I can't focus long enough to read one page of a book without drifting off. This is annoying. I still have 300+ pages of Catch-22 to read.

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