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And then there are those times when you have to wonder whether or not it would actually be wise to listen to your parents.

Medical school is not any pressing matter; I would just as happily go into biochemistry or molecular biophysics and pursue a PhD, and something tells me I would far more enjoy working in a lab environment than a hospital environment. I've gone through stages where I've considered psychiatry (and I mean working with true loons in the asylum, not prescribing medicine for ADD and pseudo-depression), but my parents are both vehemently against their daughters becoming physicians. They both are physicians themselves, and they say this not because medical school is difficult or demanding, but because of the direction the field of medicine has taken. They both say if they had it to do over, they'd never have gone to medical school. Their reactions are immediate and passionate when the subject is touched.

Besides, I've never known a physician's child who wanted to go to medical school.

Went to the college fair at the Phoenix Civic Center. As far as in-state is concerned, once again UA seemed far more attractive than ASU; a representative from their College of Science talked the place up and made some rather attractive offers, and threw out some numbers (research grants, etc) that far outrank ASU's. Honestly, I don't know if those numbers mean jack in the whole scheme of things, but my overall impression of UA versus ASU is in favor of UA, unless ASU starts making some very attractive pitches and talking their science program up a bit. The ASU representatives seemed rather tepid when I talked to them about their science program and asked about foreign exchange and the Asian languages. The guy from University of Pennsylvania had an awesome bow-tie that I swear was purchased at a costume shop under the 'nutty professor' section. Harvey Mudd sounded awesome but gods-fucking expensive.

I was at Ikea with my dad before that picking out a hanging wardrobe, since he's been on a crusade to get me to buy one, and he offered to pay for it. I had never been there before, and today was a big 15% off sale for their 20th birthday, with cake at the exit and everything. It was an absolute zoo. That place is huge, and their stuff is so cool. They even have restaurants and cafes, the former of which sells Swedish meatballs and other such things, and a kid's play-center. It's like Disneyland. I saw this amazing overhanging bed with a workspace beneath, sort of like a bunk-bed lacking a bottom bunk. Supposedly [ profile] keichisfuuma's aunt and sister were there too, but I did not see them. It would be easy to miss people in there.

Tomorrow sounds like it's going to rock hardcore. I'm not going to wear my gory costume to school. It would be a pain in the ass to manage with a backpack. I'll figure something else out.

Oh, [ profile] tricky_bastard's party was incredible, moreso because [ profile] benyahamin and three other guys made themselves into living Tetris pieces and sang the song and everything. And we watched Bruce Campbell movies. And [ profile] eagle8635 was a red mage. And it was awesome. Like whoa.

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