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Ironically, given the approach of Hurricane Rita, I will be going to Texas tomorrow. No, I'm not kidding. The Race for the Cure is Saturday in Amarillo, and as Mom is the area's presenting sponsor, it means a lot to her to have Rachel and me there every year. Amarillo won't get hit by the eye, but we are going to get hammered by weather nonetheless. I hope this means that I won't be grounded. If planes can't get through Dallas, which is where a good seventy-five percent of the planes going to Amarillo originate, we are in trouble. If I am unable to return as planned on Sunday, I will be calling those people who can probably guess who they are and telling them not to worry.

I thought Kaity ([ profile] keichisfuuma) was exaggerating when she said how big this hurricane is going to be, but after poking around on the internet, I realize she wasn't.

I'm lucky with this one; Corey ([ profile] zoe_sama) is not. Her family lives just outside Bryan/College Station, which is one of the places the hurricane is expected to directly hit. I am hoping that she is not hit too hard and that she and her family will be safe, along with everybody else living in Southeast Texas. I know that many of you, like me, are rather areligious (it's a word now), but at least send a nice thought her way. She's my mad scientist friend and I love her to death.

I'm going to be printing out my college applications tonight so I have something to work on in Amarillo, and I am going to scour my room one more time for my camera charger so I can photograph my sojourn. I want to finish the book I am currently reading so I can start Hannibal on the trip. Almost looks like I should pack for a slightly longer trip than anticipated. Maybe another book or two and extra (extra) batteries.

I'll see you cats on the flipside. I'll have internet access out in Texas, but it's a shared computer and on dial-up.

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