Sep. 18th, 2005 11:37 pm
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So, today in the car Rachel and Mom were talking about Rachel's (terminal life-threatening horrific) stretch marks, and why she has them and I do not. It boils down to relative hormonal levels, etc--I started menstruating in fifth grade, when I was still very young, and females only have two to three years to keep growing after they start that fun business. Rachel started later, obviously, which caused the stretch marks, or something. Rachel asked why I started so early; Mom said that it was because I had hit a certain weight at a very young age.

I took my headphones completely off at this point.


Granted, Dad's the relative growth expert and he says the age-weight theory on mensuration is bullshit, but it's disheartening to think there is a chance I could have gained one or two inches if I hadn't been chubby at age 10. I dislike my height. I got genetically shorted, given that a good portion of my family is relatively tall. 5'4" is not bad, all things considered, but I want to be tall, goddamnit. I know I would never have been as tall as, say, Kaity or Adrienne, but even hitting 5'6" would be an improvement. 5'10" or taller would be ideal, but I can dream.

In other news, I worked on the rocket project with Sam and Fillman; pictures promised when I finally remember my camera. We have three prototypes we want to launch at West World tomorrow after school. Yes, we have a launcher because Filly and his Dad spent far too much of their weekend making one. I don't know whether to be in their debt or to whack Fillman silly for not spending that time doing something utterly unproductive, which is what weekends are for.

This weekend was very schoolish. And next weekend I'm going to Amarillo to help Mom with the Race for the Cure. Suck, but at least I'm getting stuff done.

Rachel wants to have a rave for her birthday. A proper rave. Given that she splits her birthday party with her best friend, and that friend's parents are CEOs of a national corperation, this might happen. Their last birthday party consisted of 80 (no I'm not kidding) of their closest friends, a lot of food, and a lot of noise. Since it's sweet 16 they might blow out all the stops. If I chaparone I'm promised at least a burger or something.
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The student council freaking played "Dragostea Din Tei" today at lunch. All of it. As in, nobody booed them enough to make them turn it off. That made my day, right there.

So my clumsiness has cost me my phone's LCD screen, which is just another strike on the What The Fuck Is Wrong With You, Lauren? record. When I was sneaking out of the Anime Club meeting I tripped over the "security officer" at the door and cracked my phone open--again--but this time, the screen was blank. This means no more text messaging until I get a new phone or miraculously fix it. Rage.

I wouldn't feel so bad about this if I had not just finished paying for a replacement retainer, and if there was not a (steadily growing larger) chance that I had been the one in the family to leave the fridge door open last week. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me lately, but I keep making costly mistakes since my head is too freaking far up in the clouds for me to be able to see what is going on around me. This doesn't profit me. I have to straighten this out, now, before I do anything else fucktardish. And it's only lately; I've always been a bit spacy, but the past couple of months it has gone to extremes.

This profits me and nobody else none.

Regarding Anime Club: yeah, I went for the first time in two years, since I resigned as president my freshman year, and it was somewhat overwhelming. On top of Sam and his friend screaming "FINALLY! AFTER TWO YEARS!" and drawing attention to me quietly trying to sneak in, Toby was in there, and he steered me to a chair and shoved me in under a desk next to him as soon as I walked into the room. This is the kid who, last year as a little freshman, gave me an entire rundown of why wearing a necktie and a trenchcoat are proof of the fact that I 'fight the power'. He's a nice kid, but a little overbearing, and insists on singing renditions of "She is the coo~olest girl in the wooo~o~orld." every time he sees me. He claims to be working on a jazz version, god help me. Yeah, he's a bit delusional, but he means well. I just wish I was nearly as cool as he thinks I am.

I can play "Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis" on acoustic guitar now. RAWK.


Aug. 22nd, 2005 12:18 am
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I swallowed paper today.

Seriously; you know those wax paper sheets between slices of Swiss cheese? I didn't realize one was still in my sandwich until I had already taken two bites.

And I made an 11:00 PM run to Albertson's to get cat food.

I don't want to go to school. I have to leave in six hours.

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