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Every damn time, no matter how bad I sound singing it.

And, lately, if it's time to weeaboo out (like, every time I do karaoke anywhere in California), this shit happens. Fuck you kids with your Narutos and your Bleaches. This show is 10X more epic than anything you've ever seen.

This also happens a lot. Apparently Justin Beiber has a song with this title? No, that is NOT OKAY. I do NOT want to do a YouTube search for "Somebody to Love" and have that be the first fucking link that comes up. Jefferson Airplane is the only acceptable alternative. Justin Beiber isn't fit to suck Freddie Mercury's cock. And neither are you, by the way.

Also, David Bowie and Depeche Mode. I guess "Take On Me" is that ONE SONG. I just felt like listing more.


I caught Nerd Flu from the Pokemon Tournament. Thanks, Pokefaggots. Really.
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1) Traffic is usually pretty clear, and parking is easy.
2) Cost of living is lower
3) There is nothing like the smell of the desert after a monsoon storm.
4) It's a big city, with all the amenities you'd expect.
5) [ profile] omegadonut

1) It's hotter than the devil's balls. Seriously, it's like walking into an oven right now.
2) Mormons control the laws.
3) It's sunny all the time, when I prefer rain/fog.
4) Car dependence and rampant urban sprawl. Public transit is ass, everything is too spread out to walk, and it's too damn hot to walk very far at all most of the year.
5) Anywhere but Tempe, you get the suburban monoculture going: either hardline conservative religious or faux-progressive Scottsdale crap.

Let's see. I was two years old when I left Hawaii, so I can't say much about the reality of living there as opposed to visiting, but I do love Honolulu. The weather is lovely, the city is lush and cultured, etc etc hippie crap. Texas Panhandle I can speak more intelligently about. Phoenix is a quantum leap beyond in terms of quality. When I visit the Panhandle or Oklahoma, I am reminded of the fact that as much as a bitch about the heat/politics/etc, it could be so much worse. How soon we forget our blessings. The people there are genuinely kind and open-hearted, but it is just not my scene. Too provincial, way too religious/fundamentalist.

Yeah, Phoenix is the best place I have lived that I can remember. But look at the competition.
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"Take On Me" by aHa

Yes, seriously.
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A pelvic bone.
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Oh, I don't know...

Why do you ask?
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To narrow it down:

On American TV?



House/Wilson is fucking canon shut up, House/Cuddy is actually canon no really. House is sort of the hospital slut.
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Shirogane Naoto
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

I had two entirely different sets of friends call me while playing this game to say that they had found my video game self. For those who have not played the game: Naoto is the Detective Prince, exacting, analytical, brilliant, and every inch the gentleman--except Naoto is a woman. Her Shadow is a mad scientist in a secret underground laboratory. Both normal and Shadow Naoto integrate as a pervasive aspect of themselves analytical thinking, logic, and a sharp intuition. Naoto knows that the case is not truly "over" even when the rest of the police department thinks that it is; she trusts her instincts and reasoning. Beyond a superficial relation in terms of outward appearance, mannerisms, dress, and aptitudes, Naoto and I share a similar psychology--the same hang-ups, fears, and, essentially, Shadow. I was far more similar to her when I was her age (fifteen), but I have since gotten over many of the issues she has to face during the game. She does not want to be a woman, because being "female" does not match with the persona she feels that she has, namely, that of a hard-boiled detective and prince. She feels that the world does not take her seriously because of her age and gender (this would be more of a problem in Japan), so she wants to hide her small, female body. Eventually she comes able to integrate her physical sex into her sense of 'self', regardless of how society says a woman should act. She is also attracted to men, and has difficulty reconciling her sense of self with a heterosexual relationship. She comes to realize that there are heterosexual men will like her for who she is--without wanting to make her more 'feminine'. You have to max out your intelligence score for her to start taking you seriously, and you have to also have your courage maxed to start her Social Link. She gets pissed if you insinuate that she cannot take care of herself, or needs to be protected, and she will throw up walls as a result. She can be abrasive and condescending to anybody she senses is not to her level of intelligence.
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American English--native language, Japanese--near-fluency, and the cursory Spanish I picked up in three years of high school classes. Which amounts to very little. The next language I would like to learn is German.
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That's easy. Pride. It's been my downfall before, and I foresee it being my downfall again.

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