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I got that Utena community up. It is [ profile] nemuro_hall. Please take a look around and see if it is to your liking. I want to get this place rocking. Join up and get involved in the first discussion. You know you want to.

It saddens me to see this fandom die out. This is my all-time favorite anime, and it is sublime. I just re-watched the final two episodes (of the old-skool Utena Translation Fansubs, long live! and fuck Software Sculptors) for the first time in over a year, and I notice new things every single time. When I watched that ending for the first time when I was thirteen, I understood it very differently. I was seeing things from Utena's point-of-view; this time, I saw things more from Akio's point-of-view.
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I haven't seen The Matrix in a long time, but the description seems to fit well enough. )

So, as soon as the torrent download finishes in an estimated four hours, I will have every single Utena song in the history of anything. I touch myself in utter orgasmic joy. To the person who released that batch file of every song off the seven OSTs: thank you. Even if you did not think Utena was that amazing, the music is incredible. Now I just need to find the same sort of batch file for Escaflowne to round out that collection.

I re-watched the Utena live-action musical on a whim today. I didn't know Akio ever wore sunglasses on his head. Or smoked. Or had a wallet chain. Or snapped his fingers when he sang jazzy songs. If anybody's interested in that particular fine piece of cinematography, I can transfer it from VHS and put it on torrent.

I think tonight will be the night I get that Utena community up and running. I've got that on the brain.

Stolen from [ profile] stabbityblkmage: What the everloving Christ is wrong with Japanese television? That poor lizard. I feel for him.
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As promised, here are preliminary pictures of Dead!Seishirou, as the costume stands now.

Yes, I know sakura do not have leaves. )

I do not think I will have the half-skull eyepiece ready by tomorrow. I tried it on this evening; it didn't stick worth shit with the spirit gum that came with the prosthetic, and it's far too large for my face. Supposedly I also need liquid latex and some other stuff the back of the box failed to mention. I have to cut almost along the bone-line just so it won't overlap my nose and lips. I will also be doing a fair amount of driving tomorrow evening ([ profile] voodoobob is along for the ride too now!), so I do not want to be half-blind anyway. If the piece will actually work out, I will thread a sprig of sakura into the socket to make it look like I've got vines coming out me eyes.

My goal by convention (next planned being AniZona, since even though Yaoi-Con starts tomorrow I'm not there) is to have the vine threaded with pure sakura, none of this green-leaf nonsense Michael's thought up, and to have a trenchcoat fixed up.

I finally burned all of my Utena and Escaflowne music onto my computer, and it is love. So much love. I'm feeling the tug back to my old fandoms, enough that I am starting an elite Utena community. It saddens me to see that fandom is dying, and the current Utena communities on livejournal suck. There are maybe a couple of icon contributions here and there, but Utena has so much more to offer than that. I would like to do the same thing with an Escaflowne community; all of the Esca communities are either dead or entire role-play. Has anybody seen my Escaflowne movie soundtrack, and does anybody know where I can download the entire Utena OST volume 3?

Now I need to actually do my homework, and stuff. And maybe eat some dinner. Hello, night.

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